2019 Manitoba Building Expo Luncheon featuring Jon Montgomery

Dreaming Big, Living Bigger A Pathway to Finding Your Passion

It was Jon Montgomery’s natural curiosity that launched his Skeleton career. Wandering through Calgary Olympic Park years ago, he saw a Skeleton racer whip down the track face down, head first. Fearing it was a Luge accident, he inquired about it at the visitor's centre, only to find that Skeleton was a different kind of competitive sliding sport. Intrigued, Montgomery immediately signed up for a “discover session” — and so began his long journey to Olympic gold.

It was keeping his eyes open, living outside his comfort zone, trying new things, and accepting the challenges that presented themselves that enabled Montgomery to find his passion and gave him the opportunity to realize his dreams. With an effortless charisma, Montgomery uses his story to remind us that developing curiosity for the world around us has the potential to reveal our greatest gifts.

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