2022 Manitoba Building Conference & Expo Luncheon

featuring Nikolas Badminton

The Growth of Smart Cities

Over 1000 smart city pilot projects are in progress today with over 500 of them being developed in China. The future city is going to have systems in place to create the ability to monitor and program the city to react to what is needed in real-time.

With this vision comes the implementation and rollout of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro), self-driving vehicles (autonomous truck fleets, municipal transport, on-demand taxis, and personal vehicles), electric vehicles, the internet of things, with Big Data and Data Science at the heart of operations. Nikolas will look at how city planning is changing along with the core technologies being deployed and will profile the global cities that are embracing this approach.

Nikolas Badminton is an award-winning, dynamic and innovative virtual keynote speaker and futurist consultant who shares an awe-inspiring vision of trends that shape the future to world-leading organizations and governments. He provides expertise in new technologies and promotes exponential thinking with a critical, honest, and optimistic view that empowers you to plan for today, tomorrow, and for the future.


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