Morning Education Session:

High-Tech Secrets to Super Tall Building Design and Construction: Case Study - Downtown Toronto

While tall buildings are becoming quite common, very tall and supertall buildings are not common place in Toronto and Canada. In the last few years, the Toronto market has seen a push towards higher development. This presentation will depict the uniqueness of the design and construction techniques that are the consequence of building heights, site constraints and complex geometries.

This presentation will be based on CIBC towers (81 and 141 Bay Street Toronto; 245 and 252 m tall), 160 Front Street (240m tall), Toronto and the “The One” (1 Bloor West Toronto. 309m tall) projects. In comparison, Winnipeg’s tallest building, 300 Main Street, is 142 m tall.

The design and construction of tall buildings bring forward design and construction issues not present on “typical” projects, thereby the potential for mistakes and delays are significant.

We will address the following:

  • Design processes and scheme selection

  • Computer modelling, software used and information presentation

  • Interface between structural engineers and general contractor for constructability during the design phase

  • Coordination between structural engineers, general contractor and architect/consultants during the design process and during construction

  • Special structural elements (outrigger, cast nodes, composite members, crash walls, other heavily stressed elements) to enable the load carrying capacity of the structure

Presenters: Tibor Kokai and Benoit Boulanger, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.


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