Afternoon Education Session:

Time Management

Can time really be managed?  The subject of time management has been the inspiration for many works by many different authorities, and for good reason.  If only we had more time, then we could get more done.  Sound familiar?  If you have ever heard yourself say these words, then this workshop is for you!  

Fact:  Employees waste 759 hours each year due to distractions.
This workshop begins before participants arrive for training.  Time management can only be understood when we have invested in a ‘personal time log’.  Participants will be asked to track their every move for three full days in an effort to fully understand how they are currently utilizing their time.  These time logs will be reviewed during the workshop.  

Topics covered in this session will include:

What is time management?
Time log study
Big rocks


Presented by Jill Alberico, Global Corporate Training Manager


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