Afternoon Education Session:

Hazardous Materials Inventory Systems

Hazardous Materials Inventory Systems (HMIS) are detailed, accurate, secure, and reliable facility management tools for tracking asbestos and other hazardous materials in buildings – BOMA BEST certification requires an Asbestos inventory and current regulations require a Management Program if asbestos is present.

Other hazardous materials tracked by these systems include, lead paint, PCBs, mercury, ozone depleting substances and mold, and some also have the capability to track and inventory indoor air quality, confined spaces and potable water testing.

Join Sandy Marohn as she shares the various approaches, and some pros and cons to these systems. Examples will be given from Pinchin’s own HMIS to showcase solutions developed over the years for clients to assist with compliance.

Presenter: Sandy Marohn, Pinchin 

Ms. Sandy Marohn is a Senior Client Manager in the Prairies and has been employed by Pinchin Ltd. since 2017. Sandy studied Commerce at the University of Manitoba, LEED Green Building Practices from the Canadian Green Build Council and High-Performance Sustainable Building Practices from BOMI. Sandy has more than 20years of consulting experience and has been involved in projects on behalf of Pinchin Ltd., including Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs),Hazardous Material Assessments, Hazardous Material Inventory Software Solutions, Indoor Environmental Quality, Building Science and Sustainability Projects and their internal Corporate Social Responsibility Team. This experience extends to industrial, commercial and government projects.


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