Morning Education Session:

The HVAC Jigsaw Puzzle;

How to Incorporate Energy Efficient Equipment that can Satisfy Personal Comfort with the Restrictions of Existing Buildings.

This is a look at several style of existing buildings and what options are available with existing buildings.  The HVAC equipment within these buildings can be old technology that is no longer performing as designed.  There is an abundance of new systems and equipment becoming more readily available for our market that can not only improve the energy consumption of a building but also provide smaller footprints, be less intrusive to the existing building structure and satisfy tenants personal comfort.  We will look at these systems through a designer, equipment supplier and from an energy standpoint to give an insight on what’s available, how to incorporate the system and what the pros and cons for the systems are for a particular building.  This will be in comparison to how a traditional HVAC system performs.
We will also show the tools available which include software, design guides and standards and local HVAC experiences to help asses potential options.


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