Morning Education Session:

Empowering Building Efficiency:
BETAC's Large Building Airtightness Testing Expertise and Benefits for Owners and Managers

BETAC, one of North America’s leaders in large building airtightness testing, is excited to present at the Manitoba Building Conference & Expo, showcasing our expertise and experience in this emerging field. With a track record of over 100 successful tests across diverse building types, including MURBs, pools, clinics, libraries, offices, and commercial centers, BETAC has solidified its position as an industry leader. Our presentation will focus on the transformative impact of airtightness testing on building durability and long-term operational energy cost reductions.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into how BETAC's advanced techniques to identify air leakage locations on the building envelope, enhance energy efficiency, and improve occupant comfort. The benefits of airtightness testing extend to long-term savings, contributing to sustainability goals and maximizing building performance.

Join us at the Manitoba Building Conference & Expo to discover how BETAC's airtightness testing expertise can empower building owners and managers to achieve enhanced efficiency, reduced operational costs, and a sustainable future.



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